Episode 42

Sales & Marketing - Completed it mate

Host Phil Pelucha is joined by two guests for today's episode. Award-winning Sales Coach, 'the sales innovator' Steve Brossman & Kendell Cook from the Prepared Group.

With a golden nugget a minute, this podcast episode is all about sales & marketing and, more importantly, how you can turn your sales process from a weakness to a superpower.

About our Guests.

Steve is a true innovator in sales and marketing and his Blueprint Conversion System has been hailed as one of the real breakthroughs in selling, taking the stress out of professionals selling themselves. With over 20 years in TV and videos, his interviews are always lively and informative.

Steve has some very impressive accolades:

  • 9 Times Amazon Best-Selling Author in Marketing and Sales.
  • Creator of the Blueprint Conversion System and Self-Selling Secrets.
  • A former TV Show Host and Producer
  • Steve has been named Video Marketing Influencer of the year.
  • Spoken live to 65,000 Entrepreneurs and Professionals across 15 Countries.

Earlier in Ken’s career, he worked in the traditional "marketing agency" world, selling services like website design, SEO, online ad management, etc. While their services were great at bringing more business to their clients, they only addressed a part of their needs.

Ken realized that the traditional marketing agency model was broken, and set out to fix it, so his clients could attract, convert, and retain more business. Ken states that the Prepared Group focuses on a systematic approach to marketing, where they address eight key areas for each of their clients' businesses.

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