Episode 23

Published on:

9th Feb 2021

Transforming data into results with Fabricio F Costa

In today's episode, Host Phil Pelucha is Joined by Data Scientist and industry leader Fabricio F Costa. Join the two as they explore the transformative nature of 2020 and also map out the opportunities for 2021. Learn how and why data holds the key to your success.

Fabricio is a thought Leader having published 90+ articles & raised U$5M+ in scientific research grants, research published on the cover of 7 scientific journals and 2 licensed patents.

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Hosted by Phil Pelucha, an internationally renowned Celebrity Entrepreneur and Business & Sports Consultant best known for 'Billionaires in Boxers.'

1. A former professional athlete
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He is famous for his ability to take your business from Unknown to Unrivalled; that and his highly publicized long-term ambition to own Liverpool FC.

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Phil Pelucha is an internationally renowned Business Consultant, Producer & Director, best known for ‘Billionaires in Boxers.’

A former professional athlete, top 5% podcaster with over 10k hours of podcasting & Satellite Television content. He is famous for his ability to take your business from Unknown to Unrivalled.

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