Episode 23

Published on:

9th Feb 2021

Transforming data into results with Fabricio F Costa

In today's episode, Host Phil Pelucha is Joined by Data Scientist and industry leader Fabricio F Costa. Join the two as they explore the transformative nature of 2020 and also map out the opportunities for 2021. Learn how and why data holds the key to your success.

Fabricio is a thought Leader having published 90+ articles & raised U$5M+ in scientific research grants, research published on the cover of 7 scientific journals and 2 licensed patents.

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Phil Pelucha

My dream is to empower 1 billion entrepreneurs & that *Billionaires In Boxers* becomes the worlds most recognised Entrepreneurial Influencer broadcasting network.

I am essentially a business growth coach for service-based businesses. As someone who dislikes cold-calling and couldnโ€™t figure out social media marketing, I found the business cheat codes to scaling my service-based businesses and Iโ€™ve been sharing it with my clients ever since! Yay! (Spoiler alert, itโ€™s about relationship building).

BiB CEO Phil Pelucha, KeepSmiling - Top 100 Global Podcasters. The Next Napoleon Hill for Podcasting. International Podcast Host & Coach. Create and monetise empowering content.

Podcasting changed our lives here at BiB.

Podcasting and Global networking upgraded our life! Wouldn't you like to know how to do it? Whilst we are happy to discuss most subjects, the three main topics we are asked about are:

โ€ขUnderstanding the power of passive media in the marketing chain and how it applies to everyone.

โ€ขThe Monetization and growth of your network - Your network is your network - structured and reliable blueprints.

โ€ขThe business of Podcasting and how use it to further your brand, fuel your pipeline and achieve more dreams.